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Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

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As winter is fast approaching in Northern Europe, the Sun tracks lower and lower across the Southern sky. It’s radiance begins to wane and the green chlorophyll pigments within the cells of leaves begin to break down, giving way to golden yellows and vibrant reds and oranges. Besides chlorophyll, plants also contain other pigments called carotenoids and anthocyanins which give leaves their autumn colours when the green chlorophyll disappears. The colour change takes place in order for plants and trees to save valuable energy. The production of chlorophyll is an energy expensive process and so plants break down chlorophyll and pump it out of the leaves for storage before letting the leaves fall away. Sunlight reflects differently off the leaves depending on the levels of carotenoids and anthocyanins present within them. Carotenoids produce yellows, oranges and red whilst anthocyanins produce reds, pinks and purple colours. This image is not of a forest floor strewn with leaves however, but is a stain left behind from a solution of caesium chloride

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